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November 2020 Newsletter


Welcome to the IEEE Long Island Section November 2020 e-Newsletter.

We will be publishing this e-newsletter periodically to try to keep our membership informed on a wide variety of technical topics.  If you have any comments and/or suggestions, please reply back to us.  Thanks. 

In these unusual times it would be nice if we could all indulge in some learning as we deal with reduced or missing work hours.  

Below are some links to free Webinars on a very wide range of highly interesting topics.  Enjoy!

We are happy to report that the LI section had a (virtual) 1010 day last October 10th.  Thanks to the efforts of Barbara Porter and Lonnie Chu, the Section hosted a very successful event. The two guest speakers for the event, Bart Romeny and Peter Scott were online from the Netherlands and California, demonstrating that geography is no barrier to these events. Between the two speaker sessions, Marj Issapour and Ron Pirich hosted an insightful panel discussion featuring local tech professionals and Section members. The turnout for the meeting was encouraging, with about 30 attendees logged in, even though October 10 was a Saturday. Planning for next year’s event will start soon; anyone interested in helping put it together is welcome to contact Arnie Stillman for further information. There is no theme for next year’s 1010 Day yet, and it is on a Sunday. Organizing it will be a challenge, but it will be rewarding when it comes off as successfully as this year’s 


Many thanks for some of these items to Bill Wilkes and the Google group he moderates: Long Island Engineers Club (









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