Volunteers for IEEE HAC SIGHT Projects

Project title:

Controlling the risks of COVID-19 spread to Residents and Staff at Long Term Care Home (LTCH), using an online management system 

Project Description:

The project is focused on preventing COVID-19 viral transmission to shared living spaces and Residents rooms; causing Residents and Staff at a LTCH (TBD) to become infected with the virus. The proposal manages interactions among infected COVID-19 Residents and staff. It optimizes existing COVID-19 protocols at the LTCH. The approach will target high risks conditions in the following areas that could lead to COVID-19 spread:

  • Physical assets/areas with abnormal conditions (e. g. air borne and surface transmission)
  • Human Element (Residents and Staff interactions)
  • Human resources and protocols for Residents’ care
  • LTCH Residents’ Care in the context of LTCH Act  
  • Management systems (in the context of CAF report, May 26, 2020) – policies, guidelines, procedures, and reporting protocols.

Note: The proposed solution also looks at sustainability of Resident dignity and good practice in Residents’ care through continuous improvements in LTCH health and safety conditions after the decline of COVID-19 cases.

Two requirements to move forward with this challenging project:

  1. A LTCH or Seniors’ Home for us to conduct a pilot. Management buy-in is key.
  2. Volunteers (YPs, WIE, LMs other IEEE members) with a passion to improve conditions at LTCH for Residents.

Please send email to terry.branch@pdrtech.ca if you wish to engage in this project. Include a brief statement of how you can contribute. Also state whether you can get management of an LTCH to buy-in and support the Pilot initiative. 

Please note:

Deadline for Proposal – August 16, 2021. Proposal will be submitted for IEEE HAC/SIGHT funding only if we have a LTCH in Ontario to partner with us and conduct a Pilot.