Life Members Meetings

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To IEEE Canada Life Members,

You are invited to a Life Members meeting. It is virtual so safe social distancing is maintained ;-)

IEEE Canada has 21 Sections, 12 of them have Life Member Affinity Groups (LMAG).
The Canada Life Members Committee should "take an active role in ensuring that Life Members in Sections where Life Member Affinity Groups do not exist maintain an active role in IEEE activities."
Up until now, the service to Life Members (LM) in the nine Sections without an Affinity Group has been limited to informing Section Chairs about LM and encouraging them to have appropriate activities.

Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face meetings can not happen. Virtual meetings are the thing, and many applications, like Google Meet, Webex and Zoom, have loosened the rules and limitations.

Here are nine open meetings that anyone can join. Pick a date and time that is convenient. Members can attend any or all of the sessions for teleconference experience and practice, but attending the one designated for their section might be the most useful.

Life Members - Newfoundland-Labrador Section
Tuesday 2020-Sep-01 4:00 PM NDT (2:30 PM EDT)

Life Members - New Brunswick Section
Tuesday 2020-Sep-01 6:00 PM ADT (5:00 PM EDT)

Life Members - Quebec Section
Tuesday 2020-Sep-01 7:00 PM EDT

Life Members - Saint Maurice Section
Wednesday 2020-Sep-02 10:00 AM EDT

Life Members - Windsor Section
Wednesday 2020-Sep-02 12:00 noon EDT

Life Members - South Saskatchewan Section
Wednesday 2020-Sep-02 12:00 noon CST (2:00 PM EDT)

Life Members - North Saskatchewan Section
Thursday 2020-Sep-03 10:00 AM CST (12:00 PM EDT)

Life Members - Southern Alberta Section
Thursday 2020-Sep-03 1:00 PM MDT (3:00 PM EDT)

Life Members - Victoria Section
Thursday 2020-Sep-03 3:00 PM PDT (6:00 PM EDT)

Password: LifeMember
The meeting opens 10 minutes before the hour so you can start and test your browser.
xx:00 Welcome and introductions
xx:10 Benefits of Life Member Affinity Group
xx:19 Call for volunteer to chair new LMAG, if interest
xx:20 Upgrading to Senior Member status
xx:30 Q&A
xx:45 Meeting end

Note: Webex automatically closes the meeting if nobody has joined in 15 minutes.

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-John Harris
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