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Subject: [IEEE Hamilton] August eNotice
To: R70003 (Hamilton Section)
Grades: Honorary, Associate Members, Members, Senior Members, Fellows, Life Members, Life Seniors, Life Fellow, Graduate Student Members, Student Members
Memberships: Active
Priority: Normal Reminder: None Send By: 08/10/2015
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1. Call for IEEE Hamilton Volunteers for 2016

2. Speaker for IEEE Hamilton AGM 2015

3. Frank Barnard's bio on IEEE Hamilton website 



1. Call for IEEE Hamilton Volunteers for 2016

Hamilton section is looking for volunteers to run the section activities in 2016.  Commitment can be as little as joining six teleconference executive meetings or as much you like.If you are interested, please contact Krishanth


2. Speaker for IEEE Hamilton AGM 2015

Hamilton section is looking for the speaker for AGM to be held on Saturday, November 14th, 2015.

The talk is expected to be a general topic of interest rather than anything of specific technical content as the AGM will be attended by the members and their spouse/ families. Socail dinner and AGM 2014 information can be found here

If you know someone who can be a potential speaker, please contact Krishanth


3. Frank Barnard's bio on IEEE Hamilton website 

Biography of deceased member Frank Barnard's bio is added to the IEEE Hamilton Life Member biographies section.

Thanks to John Harris and Jan Seyler for the getting the bio and uploading to the website. 



IEEE Hamilton Section Executive for 2015

Chair: Krishanth Krishnan
Vice-Chair: Adhithya Ravichandran
Treasurer: Abirami Thirumalaisamy
Secretary: Siva Sivakumaran
Member-At-Large: John van Loon
Comm, Info, Signal Chapter: Jun Chen
Power Engineering Chapter: Nigel Schofield
Life Chapter: Barry Butwell

Social Media:

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