Life Member Tour 2019-Oct-09

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Scott Atkinson from Texas has asked for the following information to be presented to Canadian Life Members. It was published in the December issue of the Life Members magazine.


[Registration Deadline Update, extended to May 1st, 2019] There is room for ten more couples.

Details on registration and payment is located on our website at  Please visit this site for complete information.

GENERAL INFO:  Texas is the home to a number of centers of technical excellence of national importance, as well as several key IEEE historical awards celebrating technological breakthroughs.  These will form the basis of a number of technology oriented visits throughout Texas.  Our primary focus will be on IEEE Life Members and their spouses however, we are not limited to that group.  We are open to all comers.

This tour will mirror the previous IEEE Life Member tours of the past: Panama Canal, England/Scotland, Japan, Canada, Europe, etc.

The Tour will consist of a 10-day bus tour starting 09 October 2019 and ending 19 October 2019. Technical visits every day, social events every night. It will include significant technical sites planned in:

Houston (NASA, IEEE Milestone on Superconductivity, Rice University Computing activities),

San Antonio (Southwest Research Institute Technology Labs, the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology, Toyota Plant Tour),

Waco (Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum)

Austin (University of Texas Microgrid, Texas Super Computer Center) and

Dallas (Texas Instruments Computer Center).  

The Tour also includes historical, cultural and social events.

Registering lets us know that you have interest in taking the Tour.  A down Payment fee of $200 per person will need to be collected to hold your registration. 

The down payment fee is refundable less a $50.00 handling fee up until 31 March 2019 when the balance of the total cost is due.  No refunds of the down payment will be made after 1 May 2019.


T. Scott Atkinson, MBA, USAF (ret), IEEE-LSM
Tel: (210) 410-0382
  • Member, IEEE Life Member Committee
  • IEEE Life Member Affinity Group Coordinator
  • Chair, IEEE Texas Technical Tour
  • Life Member Coordinator, IEEE Region 5