Cooling of Power Semiconductors

  • Subject: Cooling of Power Semiconductors
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Cooling of Power Semiconductors

The emerging era of E-Mobility requires new approaches to maintaining thermal control in electrified vehicles. Suppliers must find innovative ways to provide solutions for the demanding requirements of battery and power electronics cooling. Fast changing system architectures and moving targets for thermal requirements, keep technology developers on their toes to develop specialized cooling products, while still achieving the stringent targets for automotive cost, quality, and robustness. This presentation focuses on Dana’s approach to providing customized power electronics cooling products, leveraging core competencies  in heat transfer modeling and design, precision stamping, and ultra clean brazing processes.


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  • McMaster Innovation Park
  • 175 Longwood Road S.
  • Hamilton, Ontario
  • Canada L8P 0A1
  • Building: MARC



Meinrad Machler of Dana Canada Corp



Cooling of Power Semiconductors

Nick Kalman



Cooling of Power semiconductors