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Subject: Life Member Affinity Group Meeting at the London Annual General Meeting - Nov 22
To: R70007 (London Section)
Grades: Life Members, Life Seniors, Life Fellow
Memberships: Active,Arrears
Priority: Normal Reminder: None
Reply to: Private: No
Attachments: None

Reminder to London Section Life Members

You are invited to a networking meeting at 5:30 PM prior to our AGM on Nov 22nd at the Hilton Doubletree, 300 King St

There are two items of business:

1) Election of an executive for next year.  IEEE requires this be done annually.  Peter Castle (Chair) and Murray  MacDonald (Vice-Chair) are willing to continue, but all Life Members are invited to step forward if interested

2) Discussion on what events or activities are of interest, to plan for 2019.  We are required to hold two meetings to be considered active.  What would you like to do?

You and your guest are then invited to our AGM, at the Life Member Affinity Group's expense (see earlier email or for details and to register)


Your London Section Life Member Group Executive

Peter & Murray

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