Hamilton - 2019 Call for Nominations and Volunteers

  • Subject: Hamilton - 2019 Call for Nominations and Volunteers
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All IEEE Hamilton Section members with the grade of Graduate Student or higher are invited to become candidates for the positions of chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer for the 2019 calendar year.

All IEEE Hamilton members, including students, are invited to volunteer to help the executive in any area in which they are interested.

The positions of chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer are elected for a one-year term at the Annual Genaral Meeting on Saturday 2018-Nov-24. The candidates should expect to stay involved for five years as they learn and rotate through the various positions.

Hamilton Section Nominations for 2019:
Chair: Abi Thirumalaisamy
Vice: Waldemar Smoluch
Treasurer: Jim Kozlowski
Member-At-Large: Zahraa Khalil

If no candidate for the position of Secretary is found a Secretary/Treasurer position may be recommended.

For further information on becoming a candidate for the executive, please email the nominating committee chair, John Harris j.harris@ieee.org.

Groups that self-elect
Consultants Network: (inactive)
Life Members: Barry Butwell
Women In Engineering: Zahraa Khalil
Young Professionals:

Volunteering helps boost your resume by showing initiative, helps build a track record in a specific cause, and expands your network of academic and private sector contacts. It also allows developing new job skills, and applying current skills.

The following are suggested names for appointed volunteer positions. Positions vary from time to time. The Section would like to have you take an active part.
Awards and Recognition
Educational Activities
Humanitarian Initiative Committee
IEEE Canada Foundation Liaison
Industry Relations
Membership Development
Newsletter and Publicity
Professional Development
Sections/Chapter Support/Liaison
Students Liaison
Teacher In Service Programme

For further information on becoming a volunteer, please email any of the following:
Nominating Committee Chair: John Harris j.harris@ieee.org
Hamilton Section 2018 Chair: John van Loon john.vanloon@ieee.org
Hamilton Section 2018 Vice: Abi Thirumalaisamy t.abirami.2014@ieee.org

For example, do you like to write? Consider Newsletter. Consider History - talking to members and documenting first-hand histories. Publicity - tweeting or adding to our Facebook page.

Are you into history? I am not sure anyone in Hamilton recalls, but there was a Niagara Falls international Section formed in 1963 from the AIEE and IRE dating back to the 1920's. In 1975 this was split and the Canadian portion merged into Hamilton. This might be a topic for any history buffs in the section to research and write up.

Are you into techie stuff? It is not on the list of appointments but we are always looking for judges for Hamilton and Niagara Science Fairs, Lego Leagues, etc. Also, the Section is becoming more involved in robotics competitions and hack-a-thons.

Some position descriptions can be found at IEEE Hamilton Section Exec Role Responsibilities (2017)

Sent by IEEE Hamilton Section 2019 Nominating Committee
John Harris, Chair
Doug Barber
Bert de Kat