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Subject: Notice for London Section AGM, Invitation to Nominate Awards and Executive
To: R70007 (London Section)
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London IEEE Members

The section’s Annual General Meeting s being planned (tentatively Thursday November 22).  Details and registration will follow in a few weeks.  Please mark the date.


A key function at the AGM is our awards.  We are inviting nominations for any of these – found on our website at

On the topic of awards, I’d point out the links on our website to IEEE Canada awards and IEEE global awards, both with deadlines this fall. 

Do you know anyone deserving of the IEEE recognition at the section, region, or global level?


A second key function at the AGM is election of our section executive for 2019.  The current executive will present a slate of candidates, but the positions are open to any who wish to be nominated. 

If you are interested in joining the executive, please contact the Chair, Dr. Abdallah Shami ( or the Past Chair, Murray MacDonald (  You can also be nominated from the floor at the AGM.

You will have received some information on the IEEE elections which are now open.  Please exercise this opportunity to elect the incoming IEEE executives.  You can find details at

Please plan on attending our AGM on November 22, celebrating our section’s successes.

London Section Executive

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