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Subject: Message to all voting members in Region 10 on IEEE Elections Results
To: IEEE Region 10 (unknown)
Grades: Honorary, Members, Senior Members, Fellows, Life Members, Life Seniors, Life Fellow, Graduate Student Members
Memberships: Active
Priority: High Reminder: None Send By: 12/31/2014
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Dear IEEE members,

Thank you for participating in the 2014 IEEE Elections. 

Barry Shoop has been voted in as the 2015 President-Elect. 

Kukjin Chun has been voted in as the 2015-2016 Region 10 Director-Elect.

Our Region’s  returned ballot was  17.10% and the IEEE’s returned ballot was 14.66 %

Every year Region 10 provides an incentive for Sections to encourage its members to vote.


I am pleased to announce the 3 Sections for its highest voting percentage amongst the 57 Sections in Region 10.  They will receive US$500, US$300 and

US$200 respectively.

1st Highest Voting percentage:  Seoul Section (55.8%)

2nd Highest Voting percentage: Kwangju Section (39.1%)

3rd Highest Voting percentage: Changwon Section (39%)


Congratulations to the 3 Sections for its efforts in helping to raise the returned ballots for our Region.


Yours Sincerely,

Toshio Fukuda

2013-2014 Region 10 Director

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