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Subject: Reminder: IEEE KW Section AGM (2017)
To: R70005 (Kitchener-Waterloo Section)
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IEEE KW Section AGM (2017)

Online registration is mandatory

IEEE Kitchener-Waterloo Section Annual general meeting

IEEE Kitchener-Waterloo Section Annual general meeting is an occasion to celebrate the achievements of the Kitchener-Waterloo Section.

The number of seats is very limited. Please register to secure your spot.

Please also be advised of the following:

  • Cost is $23 for students and $46 for IEEE members.
  • Dress code is elegant casual.
  • Online registration will be closed at 11:59pm on November 20th.


Date and Time


  • Wildcraft Grill Bar
  • 425 King Street North
  • Waterloo, Ontario
  • Canada N2J 2Z5
  • Click here for Map



  • Admission fee applies
  • Starts 07 November 2017 06:00 PM
  • Ends 20 November 2017 11:59 PM
  • All times are EST
  • Menu: Steak Frites, Roasted Chicken Supreme, Atlantic Salmon Salad


5:30 pm - Reception and Cash Bar

6:00 pm – AGM Overview and Opening Speech1

6:30 pm - Dinner

7:30 pm - Keynote Speech2

8:10 pm - AGM Business

8:45 pm - Awards and Closing Remarks



1- Opening Speech by Dr. Maike Luiken (IEEE Canada President Elect)


2- Keynote Speech by Dr. Neil Sarkar (CEO, AdHawk Microsystems)

Topic: CMOS-MEMS Chipsets for Nanometer-Scale Metrology and Eye Tracking in VR/AR Systems: A Tale of Two Startups



As electrical engineers, we have the privilege to contribute to some  of the most advanced technological achievements of our time. For example, the exquisite manufacturing precision that has been achieved by the CMOS electronics industry is a result of decades of relentless exponential miniaturization by members of our broader community. In fact, today's transistors are so small that even the best optical microscopes cannot even resolve them. Scanning probe microscopes  (SPMs), on the other hand, are capable of resolving individual atoms on surfaces; however, they have been relegated to academic and  advanced R&D laboratories due to their high cost, bulky construction, and complex operation. At ICSPI, a University of Waterloo spin-off  company, we created the world's first single-chip SPMs - "microscopic microscopes" that achieve unprecedented resolution for nanometer-scale  metrology. The CMOS-MEMS technology platform used in single-chip SPMs has more recently been employed in the production of chipsets for human-computer interaction, which are being produced at the wafer scale by AdHawk Microsystems. After a review of the technology behind  these semiconductor products, some highlights of the entrepreneurial aspects of bootstrapped startups and venture-backed startups will be discussed.



Dr. Neil Sarkar co-founded Integrated Circuit Scanning Probe Instruments (ICSPI Corp, pronounced “Icy Spy”) in 2007 and has over 15 years of experience as a microsystem design engineer. Before ICSPI, he was a visiting scholar at Carnegie Mellon University and a senior engineer at Zyvex Labs, where he developed microsystems for atomically precise manufacturing. Neil holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo with a focus on instrumentation for nanotechnology. He is the inventor of the Single-Chip Scanning Probe Microscope and the microsystems for human-computer interaction that are under development today at AdHawk Microsystems. Neil is a PhD fellow of the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology, winner of the 2014 Douglas Colton Award for research excellence in microsystems, a two-time winner of the Manning Award for Canadian Innovation and a  
recipient of the NSERC PGS-D award.


The Nomination Committee of the IEEE Kitchener-Waterloo Section has nominated the following officers for 2018:

Chair: Shahed Shahir

Vice-Chair: Rasoul Keshavarzi

Secretary: Nitin Padmanabhan

Treasurer: Yun-Qian Miao


If you are interested in running for these positions or volunteering with the IEEE in general, please send email to


Look forward to seeing you on November 24th, 2017.


Best Regards,

IEEE Kitchener and Waterloo Section

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