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Subject: IEEE SPS, Career Paths in Machine Learning & Signal Processing
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IEEE Signal Processing Society Student Branch Chapter MES College of Engineering, Kuttippuram in association with IEEE Signal Processing Society Kerala Chapter is conducting a One-day event on Career Paths in Machine Learning & Signal Processing.

Date: 21st October 2017 (Saturday)

Venue: Main Seminar Hall, MES College of Engineering, Kuttippuram, Malappuram.

Time:10.00 am to 04.00 pm

Registration: Kindly register online at

Registration fee:

IEEE SPS Members: Free

IEEE Members (Non-SPS): Rs. 200

Non-IEEE Members: Rs. 300

Proposed Schedule:

Session I: 10.00am to 12.30 am

Project Ideas in Machine Learning and Signal Processing

The session will be of two parts. The first part will give an overview of where the ML and Data meet the signal processing concepts.

The second part will focus on the requirement of the industry and open problems that could be converted into projects. An overview of communities and challenges shall be discussed in detail here.

Session II: 02.00 pm to 3.30pm

Career Paths in Signal Processing and Machine Learning (ML)

The session will highlight the demand and requirement of the Signal Processing know how in various industries and institutes. An introduction to influential mentors shall also be provided. The discussion will also highlight on the viewpoints and takes on various aspects in the industry.

Session III: 3.30 pm to 04.00 pm

Open Discussion

An interactive session open for the audience to raise their thoughts and concern and also initiate collaboration, mentorship, and guidance.

Expected Audience: Student aspirants who wish to do projects in Machine Learning and Signal Processing, and the students who are looking for a career in Machine Learning and Signal Processing.

For any queries, please contact:

Athira Vijayan,

Student Chair, IEEE SPS MESCE

+91 – 703 408 2141


Edet Bijoy K,

Staff Advisor, IEEE SPS MESCE

+91 – 903 732 5763

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