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Upcoming Events:

1. WIE Children's Painting/Drawing Contest 2017
2. Tour of the Niagara Aerospace Museum Nov 4, 2017
3. Technical Talk on Deep Brain Stimulation Oct 24, 2017

1. Children's Painting/Colored Drawing Contest, two categories under 7 and ages 8-12

This is an event sponsored by the "Women in Engineering" (WIE) chapter of the Hamilton Section, but all members' children and grandchildren are encouraged to participate.

Deadline: Wednesday 2017-Nov-15, email drawing to AND

For more information and entry requirements and prizes, please see our section event webpage for 2017 [link]

2. Tour of Niagara Aerospace Museum (Joint Hamilton-Buffalo Event)

Date/time: Saturday, 2017-Nov-04, 12:00 Noon
Location: Niagara Falls NY, USA
Cost $6.
For more information  please see our section event webpage for 2017 [link]

3. Joint BioEngineering At McMaster Society (BEAMS) and McMaster Student Branch Meeting
Topic: Deep Brain Stimulation
Speaker: Dr. Hubert DeBruin, LSIEEE
Date/Time: Tuesday 2017-Oct 24, 7:00 PM
Location:  McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
For more information please  please see our section event webpage for 2017 [link]

Jim Kozlowski
IEEE Hamilton Section Chair 2017