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Subject: European School of Information Theory: early-registration deadline extended
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Early registration deadline has been extended. Registration for the 2017 European School of Information Theory at an advanced rate can be done before April 7, 2017. If you or your students haven’t registered for the school yet, you have one more week to do so at an advanced rate. For more details about the school, please see the Call for Participation below.
European School: early-registration deadline extended

2017 European School of Information Theory
May 8-11, 2017, Madrid, Spain

The European School of Information Theory (ESIT) is an annual educational event, organized by the IEEE Information Theory Society, for graduate students from institutes throughout Europe and beyond. Topics of this year's school include Shannon Theory, coding theory, source coding, sequential analysis and applied probability, among others. The scheduled tutorial lectures are: 

For more information about the school and registration to the event please visit the school's website:


Early registration deadline has been extended. Registration for the 2017 European School of Information Theory  at an advanced rate can be done before April 7, 2017. Registration fee includes access to the technical activities and social program. The registration platform is accessible via the school’s website:

Organizing committee

Alfonso Martínez (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)
Tobias Koch (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
Pablo M. Olmos (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
Gonzalo Vazquez-Vilar (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

Spain Section Chapter, IT12 :
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