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Subject: [IEEE Hamilton] Reminder: Children's Painting/Drawing Contest
To: R70003 (Hamilton Section)
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Priority: Normal Reminder: None Send By: 11/25/2014
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Children's Painting/Drawing Contest

This is an event sponsored by the "Women in Engineering" chapter of
the Hamilton Section, but all members' children and grandchildren are
encouraged to participate. Do not miss this fun opportunity to learn,
enjoy and create! All artworks will receive a gift for participating,
a $10.00 gift card from Chapters.

Artworks will be judged by IEEE Hamilton Section Executive committee
members. Paintings/colored drawings will be judged in two age groups:
under 7 and ages 8-11. The best artwork from each age group will
receive a bigger prize! A $25.00 gift card from Chapters.

* Parent/grandparent should be an IEEE member of Hamilton Section (not
necessarily WIE member)
* Children aged 11 and under
* Paintings/colored drawings should be done on papers no larger than
Letter size (8.5in X 11in) and scanned for submission

Topics for Painting/Colored Drawing:
* Computers
* Robotics
* Cell phones

Deadline: Sunday 2014-Nov-30

Submit by email to

Printable event notice

IEEE Hamilton Section Executive for 2015 (Nominations)
Chair: Krishanth Krishnan
Vice-Chair: Adhithya Ravichandran
Treasurer: Abi Abirami
Secretary: Siva Sivakumaran
Member-At-Large: John van Loon
Comm, Info, Signal Chapter: vacant
Power Engineering Chapter: Boguslaw Bochenski
Life Chapter: Frank Barnard

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