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Subject: [IEEE Hamilton] Reminder: Electromagnetics Seminar 2014-Nov-05
To: R70003 (Hamilton Section)
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ANSYS Electromechanical and Electromagnetics Seminar 2014-Nov-05

A day of technology updates on electromechanical solutions.

Date: Wednesday 2014-Nov-05
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Cost: Free (Includes lunch)
Location: Room 107, McMaster Automotive Resource Centre
     200 Longwood Road South, Hamilton, ON L8S 1S6

Please register with Ansys

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IEEE Hamilton Section Executive for 2014
Chair: John Harris
Vice-Chair: vacant
Treasurer: Krishanth Krishnan
Secretary: Adhithya Ravichandran
Member-At-Large: Abi Abirami
Comm, Info, Signal Chapter: Michael Taylor
Power Engineering Chapter: Boguslaw Bochenski
Life Chapter: Bert de Kat

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