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Subject: SIC17 Winter in Barcelona January 23-24
To: CH08232 (Spain Section Chapter, IT12)
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Dear Colleagues,

The Fifth IEEE Spanish Workshop on Signal Processing, Information Theory and Communications, SIC17 Winter, will be held in UPC’s premises in Barcelona the 24th of January 2017. The details of the meeting including a draft agenda are now available in the web page

During the morning on January 24th we will host three exciting talks delivered by Bruno Clerckx, “Rate Splitting: An Idea Whose Time Has Come”, Eduard Jorswieck, “Resource Allocation in Heterogeneous interference networks: energy-efficiency, security and latency”, and Martin Lerch, “Affordable Mobile Communications Experiments in High Mobility Scenarios”. The afternoon session will include our traditional poster session, where you are encouraged to participate and present some of your recent research results. Posters do not urdergo any previous review process and are not included in any proceedings of any form. Just indicate the tittle and authors during the free registration process of this web page and a poster stand will be alocated for you.

A social gathering and banquet will be organized for the evening of January 23rd. Please confirm your participation to me before January 16th if you done so already. Participants will have to cover the dinner cost of 35 €.

Please feel free to distribute the announcement to any potentially interested parties and do not hesitate to email to me at if you need further information.

Thank you very much and looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona!

Kind regards,

Javier R. Fonollosa
Jordi Girona 1-3
Mòdul D5, Campus Nord
08034 Barcelona, SPAIN

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