Call for Proposals: Sessions, Workshops, Panels and more for the IEEE EMBS Summer Camp

We are thrilled to announce the 2024 edition of the IEEE EMBS Student Activities  Committee's virtual/on-site Summer Camp, themed “Integrating Generative AI in  Healthcare Innovations.” This event will focus on the transformative potential of  generative AI across various sub-fields in biomedical engineering, fostering cutting edge discussions and hands-on experiences. 

Event Theme: Integrating Generative AI in Healthcare Innovations 

Generative AI is revolutionizing healthcare by enabling advanced data analysis,  customized treatment plans, predictive modelling, and much more. The 2024 Summer  Camp aims to bring together students, researchers, and industry professionals to  explore how these technologies can be harnessed in biomedical engineering to  advance healthcare delivery and outcomes. 

Call for Proposals 

We invite proposals for sessions, workshops, and mini-symposia that explores the  integration of generative AI in healthcare. We encourage topics ranging from  foundational research to practical applications and clinical implementations.  Emphasis on hands-on activities, interdisciplinary approaches, and innovative  solutions is highly encouraged. 

Session Types 

We welcome proposals for various session types, each designed to engage and educate participants: 

• Workshops: These sessions provide practical understanding and skill  development in specific AI applications in healthcare. Participants engage in  hands-on activities and case studies, applying concepts in real-time.  Workshops are ideal for those who learn best through active participation and  practice. 

• Special Sessions: These sessions cover unique and emerging topics relevant to  the integration of AI in healthcare. Special sessions are designed for in-depth  exploration and participant engagement on niche subjects, offering attendees  cutting-edge insights and knowledge from leading experts in the field. 

• Panel Discussions: Bringing together a group of experts, panel discussions  focus on AI innovations in healthcare. These sessions encourage audience  interaction through Q&A segments, fostering dynamic conversations and  multiple perspectives on pressing issues and advancements in the field. 

• Group Discussions: Facilitated discussions focus on specific AI topics,  promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration among participants. These  sessions are highly interactive, allowing attendees to explore detailed  conversations, share experiences, and develop new ideas through peer  engagement. 

• Virtual Labs: Interactive sessions offering virtual experiments and simulations,  virtual labs teach skills such as data analysis, simulation, and modelling.  Participants benefit from a hands-on approach in a virtual environment,  simulating real-world scenarios and applications of AI in healthcare. 

• Interactive Tutorials: These real-time learning experiences include practice  exercises to build new skills. Tutorials are structured to guide participants step by-step through various AI tools and techniques, making complex concepts  accessible and manageable for learners of all levels. 

• Code Challenges/Hackathons: These collaborative problem-solving events  focus on developing AI-driven solutions in healthcare. Participants work in  teams to tackle specific challenges, fostering innovation, teamwork, and  practical application of AI concepts. Hackathons provide a competitive yet collaborative environment where participants can showcase their skills and  creativity. 

Each session type is designed to maximize participant engagement and provide  valuable educational experiences customized to various learning styles and  preferences. 

• Deadline for submission: July 23, 2024 

• Apply here:

• Summer Camp dates: September 16-21 / 23-28, 2024 

We look forward to your innovative and insightful proposals.

For any questions or  further information, please contact us. 


Polat Goktas, Zaynab Atwi and Nyi Nyi Tun