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Subject: [IEEE Hamilton] Computational Thinking Seminar 2014-Oct-25
To: R70003 (Hamilton Section)
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Educational Seminar: Computational Thinking Saturday 2014-Oct-25

A half-day seminar highlighting the techniques you didn't learn in

The seminar is aimed at electrical and mechanical engineers,
as well as professionals from other branches of engineering, seeking
to improve their skills to pose and solve efficiently practical
problems of technical computing, by hand or assisted by any known

Topic: Computational Thinking
Instructor: Jose Martinez Escanaverino, BSc, PhD (Eng)
Date: Saturday, 2013-Oct-25
Time: 8:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
Cost: (covers handouts, snacks and certificate)
   $40.00 IEEE Students and Life Members
   $50.00 IEEE Members
   $80.00 Students
  $100.00 Non Members
Registration closes 2014-Oct-22
Location: McMaster Innovation Park,
     175 Longwood Road, Hamilton, ON L8P 0A1

Please register at

Call for Volunteers

The executive is getting a little top heavy with graduate students. We
are looking for a few full members to add for balance. Commitment can
be as little as joining six teleconference executive meetings or as
much you like.

Managers - you may not have time, but how about tapping one of your
engineers on the shoulder and telling them it is a great networking and
development opportunity.

For more information contact John

IEEE Hamilton Section Executive for 2014
Chair: John Harris
Vice-Chair: vacant
Treasurer: Krishanth Krishnan
Secretary: Adhithya Ravichandran
Member-At-Large: Abi Abirami
Comm, Info, Signal Chapter: Michael Taylor
Power Engineering Chapter: Boguslaw Bochenski
Life Chapter: Bert de Kat

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