Promo codes for IEEE PES membership

Dear IEEE member,


IEEE PES is the premier and largest forum for sharing the latest technological developments in the electric power industry.

The following membership promo rates are available, to join IEEEPES and receive reduced membership registration rates!

Professional Engineers

* PESPSWD23 - Receive free PES annual membership. Promo expires on 31 May 2023.

* New and professional members with a 2+ year lapse in their membership, can also join IEEE for 50% membership dues today, no promo code needed. Offer expires 1 August 2023.

Student Members - Combine both codes to receive multiple discounts at the same time! Offer expires 1 August 2023.

* FUTURE50 - 50% Off IEEE Annual Membership

* FUTUREPES50 - 50% Off PES Annual Preferred* Membership

* PESSTUDENT1 - $1 for Annual PES Essential* Membership (Correction)


There are several benefits to IEEE PES members:

·         PES preferred memberships receive both print and digital subscriptions of exclusive PES magazines - IEEE Power & Energy and IEEE Electrification magazines. Essential memberships receive only digital subscriptions.

·         Access to free digital downloads to IEEE industry-leading publications- This access includes the award-winning IEEE Power & Energy and IEEE Electrification magazines and IEEE Open Access Journal of Power and Energy (OAJPE) Technical Papers.

·         Complimentary access to exclusive IEEE PES live and on-demand webinars.

·         IEEE PES Resource Center (RC) is your dedicated source for access to the IEEE PES continuing education program, notably, live and on-demand webinar content.

·         Increases extensive networking opportunities.

·         Exclusive reduced rates to IEEE PES events and discounts at all IEEE PES conferences.

 Forwarding you the presentation which includes all additional PES member benefits for 2023.


Please neglect this email if you are already an IEEE PES member.

With regards,
Dr. Geetanjali Vaidya
Chair, PES/IAS Chapter, IEEE Pune Section