Reminiscence- Vol 12 Issue 1

Dear All Valued IEEE Members, 


IEEE Pune Section happily presents the IEEE Pune Section's Reminiscence- Vol 12 Issue 1 for all of you. 

The Reminiscence is the newsletter plus the exhibition of the significant activities, initiatives and flagships held under the banner of the IEEE Pune Section. It also includes the significant achievements of the IEEE Pune Section ExCom, professional and IEEE Student members.  

With the first issue of Reminiscence Volume 12, IEEE Pune Section appeals to all its valued members to contribute through various activities and initiatives of the IEEE Pune Section. IEEE Pune Section ExCom is happy to develop handholding avenues with the IEEE Members. 

 IEEE Pune Section also appeals to all its volunteers and valued members to share their significant achievements, articles, etc to publish the same in the newsletter. 

Kindly find the attachment and enjoy the fusion of achievement in the first quarter of 2023. 

We appreciate the feedback from all of you you can write Secretary, of the IEEE Pune Section at


Thank you! 


Team- COntent and Newsletter, 

IEEE Pune Section