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¿Did you know our Young Professionals R9 Main Goal? ¡Your IEEE Experience! Remember that your IEEE Volunteering has an added value, and we are very thankful for your efforts throughout this year. It is very important for us that you grow and be an active part of the YP Family, all these opportunities will maintain if you renew your membership, don’t forget:

First YP Regional Meeting
April 2022

Thank you all for joining our first YP Regional Meeting named “Know Your Why” focusing on discovering our personal goals and applying them to our professional and volunteering work. Thanks for all the YP Leaders of our Region 9 for joining us and sharing your experience through the focus groups created in the meeting. greet you with the warmest thanks for being part of this great IEEE family, our professional home.

¡If you want to reply the “Know your why” workshop at your local affinity group, please contact us so we can help you and stay tunned for our next events!

What's Next:

1. Life Lessons for Young Professionals

This month, the Region 9 YP & LIFE Committees joined together to create a unique experience for our IEEE Members: share professional LIFE Members´ experiences for the growth of our Young Professionals in Latin America, get your questions ready and register!
¡This will be an unforgettable event, a once in a LIFE-time experience!

2. Focus Groups

The next Upcoming months we will be creating Focus Groups exclusively for our YP Members at every Council at Region 9 for you to join, there will be limited registration at each meeting so stay tunned when the event is published for you to join. If you have any questions feel free to ask our team and we will help you out.

IEEE YP Funding


STEP (Student Transition and Elevation Program) This program was specifically designed to bring together students (mainly Graduate Student Members) and Young Professionals. It aims to introduce members who will soon graduate to what Young Professionals do, and how they can get involved. In order to boost your event’s popularity, think in terms of what can help soon-to-graduate students transition more easily to a professional career.

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Meet Up

Meet-ups are meant to engage members and volunteers living in the same geographical location, and enhance their professional networks. Such events can take the form of technical talks, panels, Q&A, followed by networking sessions. If you have identified a large scale event where you can organize a meet-up but are not sure what activities to include, contact us at ypfunding@ieee.org.

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Local Activity

This type of funding provides financial support for Young Professionals volunteers to implement new initiatives, programs and activities at the local level, which are meant to engage the local Young Professionals community.. The events or programs can be either technical or non-technical in nature, and can take any form.

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